Our loan programs, currently offered through correspondent relationships with several major life insurance companies, are listed below. Because we currently have 18 life company correspondent relationships - one of the largest in the State of Tennessee and one of the largest in the nation by any single privately-held company - we are well positioned to provide long-term, fixed-rate financing on almost all types of commercial properties.

Feel free to call us with questions or to discuss your personal needs.



Loan Amounts:
$500,000 - $500,000,000

Loan Term:
3 - 25 years


up to 30 years

Interest Rate:
Call for rate

Prepayment Structure:
Negotiable – MCI is pleased to offer a PAR prepayment structure from several of our life insurance companies for the entire term of the loan! Of course, this is offered on a deal by deal basis.

Other arrangements include stated percentages, capped yield maintenance, discount rate premium, and standard yield maintenance prepayment structures.

Loan Types:
All income-producing property types. Primarily, retail, office, industrial, and multi-family. However, we have financed surgical centers, fast-food restaurants, and movie theaters, just to name a few “outside the box” property types.

Loan Structure:
First mortgage, secondary or “B” piece, mezzanine debt, joint ventures. MCI has financed properties on ground leases, both subordinate and unsubordinate.

Third Party Reports:
Varies with lender and loan program. MCI is proud to offer select loan programs that DO NOT require an appraisal or payment of any lender legal fees. Additionally, we also offer select loans that DO NOT require property condition reports. In other words, we keep closing cost to a minimum!